Antibiotics to treat your child's ear infection

A growing problem

At 3 years old, two thirds of all children suffer from at least one ear infection. In addition to the common cold, newborn ear infection is the most commonly diagnosed disease in the United States. Antibiotics are usually the preferred cure, but most prescriptions are made with no certainty that there is an ear infection at all. This precaution has led to growing concern.

Do you know what you really give your child?

It may seem natural to relieve your child's ear infection pain with an antibiotic, but you can give them something that is more harmful than helpful. Antibiotic therapy is extremely serious and can be life-threatening in allergic reactions. The apparent abuse of antibiotic prescriptions has led to the development of "super strains" of bacteria. These "super strains" often become resistant to antibiotic treatment. Restrictions are making it increasingly difficult to perform advanced surgery. If the drug does not contain an effective antibiotic, the bacteria will not allow life-changing surgery.

Is Chiropractic an Alternative to Antibiotics?

Research has shown that antibiotics generally make little difference in curing ear infections. Traditional treatment usually involves the antibiotic amoxicillin. A recent study showed that children taking the antibiotic understand the function of the immune system. Children who received amoxicillin had a recurrent ear problem twice as often as children who received a placebo.

An altered nerve supply can make a child's ears and Eustachian tubes susceptible to fluid retention or infection. Restoring adequate nerve care through safe and natural chiropractic care has helped thousands of children proactively fight many ear infections and prevent a second from returning.

Natural effective relief

An ear infection contains fluid that accumulates behind the eardrum. Structural blockages can be the cause of chronic infections. The correction by a chiropractor is a gentle movement towards the bones of the head and neck. This allows the fluid to drain from the eardrum.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics shows that there is a close connection between chiropractic adjustments and the improvement of ear infections. Of the 332 children in the chronic ear infection study, each child aged 27 days to 5 years received a number of chiropractic adjustments. Almost 80% of the children had no otitis media within six months. The sixth month included regular maintenance treatment every four to six weeks.

The body is a natural healer. Instead of giving medication to block and suppress diseases that may penetrate further into the body, let your child's body heal naturally by eating healthy, chiropractically, and continuing to look for alternatives. to medicine.

New treatment for sore throat

More expensive means better - right? Not correct! There is a new drug called Moxatag on the market. Delayed-release 775 mg amoxicillin is approved for the treatment of sore throat in patients over 12 years of age. It has been shown to work both "and" and oh well, it costs about 25 times that of penicillin! Hi there?!

So I was at work and a mother came with 4 Moxatag recipes to treat her family - they all had sore throats. Instead of filling it in for Moxa Day (which we didn't have in stock anyway), I called the doctor and exchanged it for amoxicillin. That saved about $ 380.

I asked the doctor why he chose Moxa Day instead of Amoxicillin and he replied, "It seemed easier because they only had to take 1 tablet a day instead of 3, I didn't know how much it cost."

So what's the big problem with the new Moxa day? You got me!

Sore throat is usually treated with: I called some pharmacies for drug prices without insurance ...

  • A 10-day delivery of amoxicillin only costs $ 4.
  • In comparison, a 10-day delivery of Moxa Day costs approximately $ 100.

After the family of 4 changed the script to 500 mg amoxicillin three times a day, they paid about $ 20 instead of $ 400!

Why do doctors prescribe it? There are a few reasons:

1. Penicillin 500 mg - 1 tablet 3 to 4 times a day for 10 days OR

2. Amoxicillin 500 mg - 1 capsule 3 times a day for 10 days OR

3. Amoxicillin 875 mg - 1 tablet twice a day for 10 days OR

And now you can treat sore throat with:

Moxatag 775 mg - 1 capsule once a day for 10 days

1. It is only one capsule once a day. Patients are therefore more likely to complete all medications and not miss a dose. (This is really the only valid argument for "selling").

2. Drug representatives visit doctors, give them a brief overview of the new "improved" drug (possibly vouchers and free samples), then you will get sick - the new drug is on top of their head and they prescribe it.

3. Most patients are not insured, which is why Moxatag is "better" than Amoxicillin.

4. Most doctors simply don't know how much the medication costs. Moxatag is easier for the patient, he prescribes it.

There! You can make an informed decision.

Please leave a comment if you want to discuss it further or if you have further questions about antibiotics (I would be happy to talk about antibiotics).