Antiviral medicine

An overview

Valtrex is a popular antiviral drug that effectively slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus so that the body can fight infections. The active substance in Valtrex is valaciclovir. The antiviral drug is useful for the treatment of genital herpes, shingles and cold sores. Although Valtrex does not cure herpes, it is extremely helpful in reducing the symptoms of the infection.

Valtrex for shingles prevents the replication and spread of viral cells. This is done by blocking the action of the viral enzyme called DNA polymerase, which aids replication of the herpes virus. Valtrex prevents the herpes infection from multiplying and spreading. This way, your body's immune system can process the virus much faster than it does naturally. In addition, the antiviral drug Valtrex can also reduce the risk of transmission of a genital herpes infection to your sexual partner.

To get effective results from Valtrex for shingles, you should use it as prescribed by your doctor. For best results, treatment with Valtrex should be started as soon as possible after the first symptoms appear. It is recommended to take the dose with a full glass of water. If you drink a lot of water while taking Valtrex, kidney function will remain. You should stop your Valtrex treatment even if your symptoms improve. This will help Valtrex better manage the infection and prevent further epidemics.

Although Valtrex is a well-tolerated medicine, it can cause side effects in some patients such as headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, confusion, decreased kidney function, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and liver dysfunction. If any of the above side effects are bothersome and you notice an unusual side effect, please inform your doctor immediately.

You can also buy Valtrex online these days. When you place an order, you will need to fill out an online consultation form asking for details about your health and the medication you are taking. The information helps the online doctor to assess the suitability of Valtrex for you. If the doctor decides that Valtrex is right for you, you will receive a prescription by email and the medicine will be delivered to you.

How to treat genital herpes?

Genital herpes is one of the most common and contagious sexually transmitted diseases. As the name suggests, it is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). HSV-1 is responsible for the formation of cold sores and can be transmitted by kissing, swapping or saliva. This strand of the herpes virus also spreads through sexual contact that causes genital herpes. The wounds caused by one of these viruses, HSV-1 and HSV-2, are similar. When this virus is transmitted from an infected person to an uninfected person, small blisters form in and around the genitals.

This condition cannot be cured, but you can definitely treat it and minimize its symptoms. Both men and women suffer from this condition and can infect others. Genital herpes spreads very quickly and this is the reason why millions of people are affected. This state of health can also be transferred by forwarding agents. Statistics show that more than two million people are affected by this virus each year and that about 80 to 90% of people who contract it have no symptoms. Infected people can develop symptoms after a week, a month, or even a year. Some people never have symptoms, but can still pass them on to others.

We see that the poor, the poor and the least educated are most infected with genital herpes, and this is because these people are not aware of it. In addition, people who abuse drugs like cocaine and then have multiple sexual partners are more prone to this problem. It can spread when an uninfected person comes into contact with an infected person. Sex and oral sex are the most common forms of genital herpes spread. Sometimes herpes also spreads through skin contact.

Since more than 90% of people do not recognize the symptoms of this condition, you should undergo a routine check-up. Once you have been diagnosed with genital herpes, you should take medication such as Famvir or Valtrex to treat these problems. With these drugs you can minimize the risk of spreading the virus.


This antiviral drug slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus. This gives the body more time to fight the infection. This medication doesn't cure herpes either, but it certainly helps treat it. Famvir is used to treat genital herpes, cold sores, shingles and chickenpox. Use this medication for the entire period recommended by the doctor. Keep taking it even if your symptoms improve before the end of the course. Start taking this medication as soon as you notice the first symptoms of this condition.


Valtrex is an antiviral medication that slows the growth and spread of the herpes virus. Valtrex doesn't cure herpes, but it undoubtedly helps treat it. It is used to treat genital herpes, cold sores, shingles and chickenpox. Use this medication for the entire period recommended by the doctor.