Arthritis Treatment

7 Facts You Should Know About Gout

Formerly known as the disease of kings and wealthy men, gout has returned to the pantheon of diseases affecting western culture.

The incidence of gout is increasing. Many reasons have been put forward by experts. This includes the endemic obesity epidemic in the United States. In addition, food additives such as high fructose corn syrup, which is used in many processed foods and soft drinks, are also to blame.

This article describes 7 facts to help you understand why gout develops.

The main villain responsible for gout is uric acid (UA). It is a by-product of the metabolism of purines, substances that are found in various foods. While animals have the ability to break down DU using an enzyme called uricase, this is not the case in humans. The end result is an accumulation of DU with subsequent deposits of DU in the joints and other body tissues. Gouty arthritis, which is usually gout, is a painful and debilitating condition.

1. Gout affects approximately 3% of the population, or nearly 8 million Americans. While men are affected more often than women, the incidence of the disease increases in postmenopausal women.

2. While the widespread myth is that the problem is overproduction of AU, most cases of gout occur because the kidneys do not get rid of UA quickly enough.

3. Overproduction occurs in some diseases, such as leukemia and lymphoma, particularly during treatment that destroys cancer cells. This leads to a significant increase in the AU level in the blood.

4. An arthritis that is characterized by a high level of UA in the blood is psoriatic arthritis. The reason for this is the high rate of cell turnover that is observed in this condition. It can also be an "idiot" because it can be mistaken for gout.

5. Four excessive AU production are excessive consumption of foods high in purine, obesity and alcohol. A variety of medications can also cause excessive UA buildup due to overproduction.

6. The inability to get rid of UA can be observed in various kidney diseases.

7. Predisposing factors for AU deposits include joint damage due to osteoarthritis, a drop in joint temperature (which is why nighttime attacks affect the feet) and dehydration.

The end result of the UA build-up is deposits of UA crystals (monosodium urate) in the body tissue. This occurs when the AU serum remains above 6 mg / dl. In future articles I will describe the seizures, how they occur and how they are treated.

Tips for relieving joint pain and arthritis

The more modern the world becomes, the more new diseases develop. The human body has a natural resistance to certain common diseases caused by external infections. But the human body cannot deny the diseases it causes. Arthritis is a common name for damage to joints and muscles in the human body. Biologists say there are 206 bones and over 250 bone joints in the human body. Arthritis can occur on one of these joints. With the help of this excess number of joints, arthritis takes on more than 100 forms.

Common symptoms for any type of arthritis include weight loss, fever due to pain, restlessness, muscle pain, and difficulty moving the bone joints. The person with arthritis also has difficulty walking. This condition can occur in people of all ages and genders, but is more common in older and obese people. People with arthritis experience severe pain in the knee joints, ankles, feet, hips and spine bones. The pain is caused by inflammation of the joints affected by an arthritis infection, fatigue of the bones and muscles due to daily work and also by weakness of the body.

Many effective ways have been found to relieve arthritis pain. Treatment options depend on the type of arthritis. It is always best to consult a physiotherapist before continuing treatment. Some of the effective treatments include medication, arthritis diets, normal exercise, relaxation, etc. There are also home remedies that can be done naturally. Natural arthritis relief tips include herbal medicines such as low fever leaves, chaparral, saffron, yucca, celery seeds, black cohosh and marsh seeds, etc.

In addition, there are other natural ways to treat arthritis using the natural products that are available from us. Garlic is your primary partner when it comes to tips for relieving natural arthritis. Because garlic has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can significantly reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis. It can be taken raw or cooked. Some other tips include drinking potato juice or drinking essence from black sesame seeds soaked in water, or drinking water that was kept in an copper container on an empty stomach in the early morning will help. The juices of fresh green vegetables and the juices of certain fruits such as pineapple or lime are also used for better pain relief. Massage with coconut or mustard oil in the affected area is also an option to relieve the pain by speeding up the blood flow to the infected areas. The oil should be warmed up slightly before massaging. There are also camphor oils on the market that can also be used for massages.

Follow the advice above, and it is best to follow other therapies, such as: B. Adapting the natural diet by eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding meat products is a good idea. It is also advisable to keep the body warm and drink 8 to 10 liters of water a day to relieve arthritis pain. Everyone can benefit from these tips and it is not a difficult task.