Cause of erectile dysfunction

With the way lifestyle is changing these days, erectile dysfunction, or better known as ED, is becoming more common. ED refers to a man's inability to achieve an erection or difficulty in maintaining an erection through intercourse. This can be very worrying as there can be several psychological problems in addition to emotional and psychological problems.

Although there are remedies for erectile dysfunction, it's still better to prevent this than to cure the problem, isn't it? To prevent erectile dysfunction, you need to know what is causing it. There are several factors, including substance use. More and more young people have succumbed to drug use today, and if they are used too much, one of the main side effects is impotence. In addition to medication, excessive alcohol consumption and poor smoking habits can also contribute to this condition.

In addition, general health conditions can also cause erectile dysfunction. To name just a few examples: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and problems with prostration contribute a little to the functioning of the penis. If your physical health is disturbed, it also affects your sexual health and causes one problem to appear before the other.

In addition, your body functions as a team and requires cooperation from all angles. If your mind is too empty and you cannot concentrate, this would decrease your libido and if it is persistence, it can lead to erectile dysfunction. It is always important to have a personal pain reliever to relax before going to bed and before intercourse. Illnesses such as fatigue, anxiety, depression and stress can significantly affect your sexual ability.

Always remember that the mind is the most important organ in sex. So learn to take care of yourself mentally and mentally and everything will be fine. Only do what you think is within your limits, but never overload your mind and body.

Are you smeared with substances on your penis for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and penis growth?

Hey, it's me, Billy Blackjack. I see all of these things about people selling creams and lotions, and all sorts of things that are supposed to help a man enlarge his fishing rod and allow him to use this rod and fish for as long as possible, should boys want this Really smear dirt on their fishing rods? I do not think so.

Everything you put on your penis is sucked directly into your penis through the skin. Tell me, do you really want all sorts of strange chemicals swirling in your material? They have no idea what kind of side effects these things could have. The last place you want to use as a chemical dump is what's in your boxers! Don't make your private parts dangerous! Seriously, boys, this is where you make your sperm. It's the last place you want to place something that shouldn't be there.

Okay, let's see what we have here ...

Erectile dysfunction:

OK. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and the doctor says this is not due to an installation problem. If you want to sit up, do the following: Get jalapeno pepper, cut it, and rub it on your penis. This will get you on your feet. I guarantee it. But after you've finished the healing and left the hospital for good, pick me up with your rifle to give you this stupid advice. So don't do that with peppers! I only make one point. What is that point?

The point is, people will tell you to apply this type of goop and this type of goop to your penis because it is "natural" and will help you. Okay, just so you know, jalapeno peppers are natural too. Listen. Just because something is "natural" does not mean that it is safe or good for you. Radon is also "natural". This doesn't mean that you should sniff these things in your basement.

If your erectile dysfunction has no installation problems, it can be of psychological origin. Hey, it's not sweat, nobody's perfect; So if that's the case, don't be too strict with yourself. Get help from a chief doctor. There are also exercises that men can do to fix this little problem. The point is, again (I want to comment), don't be too hard on yourself! Stop fighting. If you get emotional and let it touch you, it will only make things worse. Don't sweat it. It is really a little trick. Life has much bigger obstacles in the way.

Premature ejaculation:

OK. What about premature ejaculation? Should you spread chemicals on your hot dog and spray things everywhere? Probably not. Why not Because premature ejaculation disappears as soon as the hormones have stabilized a bit and you get used to being with women. Here's the truth:

All men had premature ejaculation at one time or another. I therefore greet you as a new member of the largest exclusive men's club in the world. It doesn't matter if it doesn't get completely out of control. You should be happy that women upset you like this. I'm serious It's not a bad thing for a man. Now ask, "What can I do about it?" You can "double" it for one thing. That means you use two condoms instead of one. This will reduce the feeling of your penis during intercourse. This should help you last longer.As for spraying things that make your penis fall asleep just so you don't feel anything ... come on guys, is that real? I tell you, if you're so excited about your girlfriend that you can't hold back, it will have a big impact on her. Number one, she'll feel very complemented that she had such an incredible sexual impact on you! That's the truth! Number two, be glad you are like this now! Men in their final years would kill to become that way again. And number three is a great way to find out if your lover really cares about you. It's true If she is by your side and stays with you during these phases of sexual confusion, it means she is a real 24-carat darling! Such women are difficult to find. If she throws you out because of this problem, you're better off without her. Trust me on this point. If something like this goes on, it can get frustrating and the novelty will start tackling it (see number one above). What do you do if condoms don't work? Find out how to fix this problem. One way to do this is to practice so-called "retention techniques". You can do this by masturbating. Are you just excited and sexually excited and then what do you do? You "hold back" from ejaculation. Does it make sense ...?

Here I would like to try to explain it better:

What you want to do is get to the point where you will have an orgasm and stop stimulating your penis! Concentrate on algebra lessons or something that is as unusual and boring as possible. Remember that most of us weren't able to ride a bike or ride a "standard" gearbox for the first time when we first drove out. But with a little training we are ready for the Tour de France and can win the Indy 500!

OK. So, "Get ready, get ready and go!" A little practice should help you a lot. You can also train with your friend. Explain what you want to achieve and collectively achieve results that are as clear as the rain. It will bring you two together. Do you understand mi amigo? Make the most of everything God has to offer you in life. Turn this water into wine.

Penis enlargement:

Do I have to go at all? Coating the mud with your penis won't make it bigger. Maybe I'm wrong and there is a magical cream that has changed the way men can really enlarge their penis. I tell you, I must have slept behind the wheel in the past ten years and dug into a trench because I missed these new miracle cures to enlarge them.

If you want to enlarge your penis, you have to exercise! Like if you want muscle biceps and pectoral muscles to be able to tear phone books in half, what should you do? You have to work on it. It's just common sense. Get some exercise!

In summary:

It. I hope that helps you, good guys. Don't sweat this stuff either. You can use anything that harms your life and make it a wonderful opportunity and experience. Look at things from a different perspective and see how much such setbacks can really benefit you - how they can and will improve your life if you let them. Real men overcome their obstacles and grow, learn and improve such experiences.You do the same.

- Billy Blackjack Carson