Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile dysfunction is not just a side effect of age. Many men live well in their sixties or sixties and maintain a healthy sex life. When men reach their late twenties or mid thirties, they attribute their lack of sexual performance to "aging" rather than seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is not!

Although there are a variety of causes of erectile dysfunction (diabetes, hypertension, stress, depression, substance abuse, etc.), one of the predominant solutions is to solve the vascular problem that leads to inability to maintain or maintain an erection.

If you are diabetic, it is of the utmost importance to keep your blood sugar level right. Likewise, a healthy lifestyle, including cardiovascular health, will make a huge contribution to treating or curing erectile dysfunction. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco, making sure you get enough sleep, and managing stress and anxiety are enough solutions to keep many of us busy for days!

Another problem that men often face in later years is the drop in testosterone levels. This is caused by hypogonadism and can cause other problems in some men. If this is the cause, your doctor may prescribe "hormone replacement therapy" or "hormone replacement therapy with testosterone" to treat the condition.

Obviously, it's also very important to maintain an overall balanced physical condition. This applies not only to lifelong health, but also to the health of your sex life. Many men report immense progress in their libido after setting up an exercise program. This is the result of increased mental self-confidence and various cardiovascular changes that occur in your body.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies - A word of warning before you apply it

I will tell you something you should know before you start dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. It is extremely important, and I don't even know how often it is mentioned. Your life could depend on it.

I understand you probably don't think your life is worth much without the miracles and joys of sexual intimacy. And I'm not going to argue with you about it. But you might want to have your loved ones with you. So make sure it happens.

You see, if you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is extremely important to have it examined by your doctor. The reason is simple: heart problems often first appear in men and manifest as erectile dysfunction. A recent study by a large medical university (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) showed that men with erectile dysfunction have a significantly increased risk of receiving a so-called "score" of high calcification of the coronary arteries. This score is a well-known predictor of future heart problems.

This is similar to the risk that people with high blood pressure - and even smokers - have. The worst is ... it is possible that over-the-counter medicines can make your problem worse. So it's really deadly to check this out first. Love and sexual intimacy are an integral part of human functioning and relationships. But you have to be there to enjoy it. There are a number of remedies for erectile dysfunction - make sure you are there to use them.