Do you ejaculate too fast during sex?

Answer this question honestly: do you ejaculate too fast during sex?

Many men don't admit it, but most men ejaculate too quickly during sex. It is actually very common.

This is also the main reason why men do not please their women. Often this can lead to infidelity because the woman is looking for someone to please her.

But if you ejaculate too fast during sex (like many, many men), there is something you can do to become a better lover and satisfy every woman you want.

Unfortunately, many people try to solve this problem with creams or pills or ridiculous techniques like countdown. There are a lot of "quick fixes" that really don't work as well, and when they do, they dramatically decrease the desire for sex (for example, there are "numbing creams" that men can use to last a little longer). than usual, but you will not experience any of the joys of sex).

The only real way to hold permanently is to train the body, hold on, and not give in to premature ejaculation. How you do that? There are several different methods you should learn:

Exercises. There is a muscle that is responsible for ejaculation control. It is very weak for most men. If you try to bend it, the ejaculation is too strong and the muscle won't hold. The key is to strengthen this muscle (located between your anus and your testicles; try to urinate, then stop and you will flex this muscle). You can flex this muscle yourself while sitting in a chair. Repeated movements strengthen this muscle.

Mental routines. There are studies showing that premature ejaculation has a lot to do with the natural mental health problems that most people have, such as performance anxiety, nervousness, subconscious mind, etc. So if these things come to mind, then boom! Premature ejaculation begins immediately. The key is to learn mental techniques such as breathing exercises that can help you prevent these mental problems from becoming a factor in sex. Once you enter this, you will automatically take much longer than usual.

-Geschlechtsverkehr. Once you have a good routine to do the exercises and work on the mental routines, you can put them into practice. If you have a girlfriend who is willing to help, that's fine. If not, you can practice masturbation and put the routine to the test. Every time you exercise, you get stronger and can last longer during actual sex.

Master the art of ejaculation control

The scripts and the scripts are the orchestrators of the films. The films will inevitably peak after an action, regardless of the twists and turns of the story. But when it comes to the climax that we call the "bedroom climax", it can be brought under control and delayed to get the most out of sex. But for some men, it's out of their control. This condition, known as premature ejaculation (EP), makes your partner unhappy with sex. Men often wonder why they want to shoot earlier than their partners would have preferred during sex.

What causes a rapid climax?

Various factors, from psychological to physiological, lead to early orgasm in some men. The person must therefore determine which factor is causing the problem. Let's start with the mental states that can put you in danger and cause you to lose control over ejaculation. To begin with, depression affects not only the effects of the hormones required for normal ejaculation, but also your physical self. It is accompanied by a feeling of tiredness, lethargy and pain, none of which promote normal sexual activity. Anxiety triggers the reflexes that cause you to run through sex and reach orgasm before your partner reaches yours. A lack of confidence and experience, especially among young men, prevents them from staying in the bedroom longer.

Physically, the causes can be related to neurological and vascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord damage. Problems with the reflex activity of the ejaculation system can also cause premature ejaculation. The side effects of some medications can be associated with a loss of control over the ejaculation reflexes.

Techniques to control an orgasm

Many men often wonder how they can be treated for premature ejaculation. Here are some techniques you can use to control your ejaculation control:

Try to recognize the feeling just before ejaculation and the point at which there is no return when masturbating. It can give you better reflex control to delay your ejaculation.

Do some breathing exercises while having sex. You can use it to control reflexes that you cannot consciously control. Breathing is the best way to relax when you are at the peak of your intercourse.

Experiment with different sexual positions as this will introduce a short pause between your sexual sessions to restore your status quo.

The stop-and-start technique is one of the methods that men use to delay their ejaculation. If you stop all stimulation before reaching the point of no return and then start again, you have more leeway to delay ejaculation.

Priligy - Medical way to overcome early orgasm

Priligy Dapoxetine is an oral medication approved as an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. First, you should have a doctor diagnose your condition to get a dapoxetine prescription for PE. In the UK, you can buy Priligy online at registered clinics, which are usually safe and reliable.