Erectile dysfunction doesn't have to be a problem if you know the phases

There are many ways to look at the human sexual cycle. Some people say there are three, four and five phases of the cycle. For me it is five. Desire (libido), excitement (excitement), stability (keeping and driving), orgasm (the little death) and determination (descent from above)

Phase one: wish

It is the beginning of everything. Your mind is planted with the idea of sex. Her libido has been engaged. You may have just met a girl in a bar or arranged a date with your girlfriend. In any case, your mind is now focused on sex and everything that means. Your mood is brighter, you are happier and more impatient. This step can take minutes or hours and even days in advance.

Phase two: excitement

This phase lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. This is when the symptoms of arousal occur. Many things will start to happen to your body; Your heart rate increases, your skin can become dry, moist, or reddish, especially on the chest and face. Your students have expanded with need. Your muscles become tense and even in men your nipples can become erect and tender.

Phase three: stability

In this phase you will try to maintain the arousal phase and increase it slightly but not too much. This is the phase you should use to have fun, be aware of it and play with it. This is the place where you are not so far away that you only think about enjoying it. Everything is more sensitive, your nipples and penis are now fully erect, your scrotums are tightened and pulled up, and you have started to lubricate. Your breathing has increased and when you take it your blood pressure is higher and your heart rate has increased.

Phase four: orgasm

This is the climax or the ejaculation phase and usually lasts less than a minute. It is by far the shortest phase of all and the following traits are visible: contractions that we cannot stop, no matter how hard we try to start. You blow and blow for the air that seems hard to find. Your muscles are tense and even your feet contract and your toes curl. All tension is released when you loosen and the contractions last less than a second for up to five splashes of sperm from your penis.

Phase five: dissolution

This phase will take as long as you want. The physical body will normalize, your breathing will normalize, your heart rate and blood pressure will decrease. A rash or redness can be seen all over the body. This phase is the cuddle phase, oh my god, I feel good, followed by the MMM phase, when I'm so tired, smoking a cigarette and going to sleep.

The key to solving your erection problem is in the third phase. This is the only phase that you have to master completely in order to satisfy yourself and your partner.

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If you want to get harder erections, you can of course take artificial medication, but there are herbal pills with erectile dysfunction that not only cause harder erections but also increase libido and improve general wellbeing at the same time, let's take a look how they work.

In order to get an erection, you have to bring blood into the penis and the body has to secrete high amounts of nitric oxide. This is the chemical that dilates the blood vessels that lead to the penis so that it can absorb more blood in the penis to harden it. Artificial drugs increase the content of this chemical, as do the herbs Cnidium and Horny Goat Weed, and there are absolutely safe and natural herbs with no dangerous side effects.

Synthetic drugs cause a hard erection, but do not increase sexual desire. Therefore, many men need manual stimulation to get tough. However, herbs can boost erections while increasing libido time, so you get the whole round of sexual experience. For example. Herbs like Tribulus and Tongkat Ali increase the level of testosterone needed to increase libido and maintain potency, and they also contain powerful sterols to increase sexual desire at the same time.

To relieve the stress and anxiety that can lead to erectile dysfunction, you can take the tonic ginseng, ginkgo biloba and maca. These herbs increase your mood and at the same time increase the total energy of the body to put you in the sexual mood.

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