Erectile dysfunction is a sign of heart disease!

It is known that erectile dysfunction and heart disease are closely related. But did you know that erectile dysfunction significantly increases the likelihood of heart disease?

Experts have proven that men of all ages diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are more than twice as susceptible to cardiovascular disease as sexually active men. It has also been found that men who are not properly treated for erectile dysfunction are overwhelmed by the risk of heart attack or severe stroke over the next two years.

Remember to get treatment for missing erections. You may be able to discover a hidden heart condition that you didn't know. Herbal medicine is known worldwide for the treatment of heart diseases. Herbal products for sexual ailments actually ensure that blood flow is restored and the cholesterol level in the body is reduced again to the permissible limits.

Herbal medicine is easy to take and works in the body against venereal diseases at the root - the penile tissue. It is important to restore normal blood flow through the penis, and herbal treatments ensure that this is done effectively and permanently. The most important thing is to get your erections and your life going again!

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The two main myths about erectile dysfunction

Many men suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction throughout their lives, and every symptom is recalled because they fear it will recur. According to recent statistics from the US medical institute, there are approximately 34 million men of different ages and over 160 million men worldwide who suffer from erectile dysfunction on American soil. Most specialists believe that the main cause of erectile dysfunction is the psychological factors. Although exciting new medical data have shown that erectile dysfunction in older men is not primarily caused by psychological factors, but by physical factors.

It seems that the two coordinates together take longer and increase the first symptoms to a greater extent. In medical terms, the definition of erectile dysfunction means that a man is unable to get or maintain an erection in order to sexually satisfy his partner. This lack of capacity creates insecurity for everyone and slowly creates stressful daily pressures. E.D is also badly advertised, so people have useful and effective information. The lack of well-structured sex education has led to the spread of many "sexual myths" that make many men believe that they do not have ED if they do. Before you get to grips with the main sexual myths, you need to understand that doctors see E.D. not as a disease but as an early stage of impotence as a symptom.

Myth # 1: EDS Is Incurable Incredible 67% of men in the United States believe that erectile dysfunction is incurable and that there is no medical treatment for it. Despite the fact that part of this statement is true because E.D has no permanent medication, the current remedies improve your sexual functions by normalizing them again after prolonged use. There are many natural treatments that have had impressive results with no side effects.

Myth # 2. E.D. Occurs as you get older Many men believe that erectile dysfunction is caused by the entering of new stages in their lives and the gradual loss of control over their penis. While it is true that this sexual disorder occurs more frequently in older men, this does not automatically mean that it only occurs at an older age, since ED has also been reported in young and older men. In older people, the highlighted causes such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems, especially in older men, can maintain this dysfunction.

These two myths are the most popular and you should read them to get an objective and correct opinion about E.D.