Erection pills

Be a top weapon again!

Erectile problems or erectile dysfunction, as is well known, is a problem that most men just don't want to talk about when they are suffering from it because it's just too embarrassing, but there is a solution - the erection pills!

"So what are erection pills and do they really work? Plus, are they safe to take, legal, expensive, and where the hell do they sell them?" Most men find that something can be done about their weak erections. Who wants to endure such an embarrassing problem if it can only be solved with a blue pill?

Pills, solutions and natural herbs to increase erection have been around since the beginning of the year. The main difference these days is that they are no longer sex or erection pills. Today they are mainly known as blue pills or blue herbal pills.

Do you want good news? Erection pills work!

This allows you to have the medication approved by doctors that have been fully approved by urologists and experts, and to avoid the "sugar pills" that promise the world but do nothing for it. Blue pills really work; Increase both erectile power and sexual stamina when taken correctly. Bingo!

So if you have problems with your sex life and have weak erections during sex, the result is as follows; Don't worry, after all, there is a solution to your problem.

In all cases of erectile dysfunction (ED), the first step is to speak to your family doctor or doctor, but as mentioned earlier, most men feel embarrassed to talk about sex problems, especially with other men, even if it's with a doctor. It's definitely the best thing to see a doctor, but if you can't force yourself, what are the other alternatives?

Blue pills!

Blue herbal pills are definitely the second best choice to see your doctor, and this is undoubtedly what most men do when they start to feel weak erection. Perhaps he would prescribe something like a brand blue pill like Viagra if that was right for you, or he might recommend treatment instead. Viagra, the branded version of Pfizer, is prescription-only and not an over-the-counter medication.

But since boys can't get themselves to speak to a health care professional, the answer is to look for another herbal version. You have to be careful here, since many erection pills are nothing more than colored tablets that are absolutely useless. In some cases, they are even known to do more. bad as well.

Yohimbe benefits! Side effects of Yohimbe! How to get strong erections, of course!

Yohimbe is a natural supplement that comes from the bark of a tree that grows wild in West Africa. In the past, the bark was used as an aphrodisiac.

The active ingredient in this bark is yohimbine.

Yohimbine has been approved by the FDA as a drug against male impotence.

Unfortunately, there are not many studies on this useful bark in its natural state, but it can be bought as an over-the-counter supplement.

Studies have been done on yohimbine, the prescription version of this dietary supplement.

A German study showed that after 4 weeks of using yohimbine, 71% of male patients found that yohimbine improved erectile dysfunction.

The effectiveness of Yohimbe when, due to its ability to stimulate blood flow by dilating blood vessels, this increase in blood flow to the penis helps with erections.

It also improves the production of norepinephrone, an essential ingredient for stimulating erections.

Yohimbe is also said to stimulate the flow of adrenaline to nerve endings, which leads to more endurance and feeling!

Possible side effects include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dizziness and headache.

If you're a healthy man and don't take high doses of the supplement, you should be fine, but like any supplement, don't overdo it!

If you feel your heart beating faster, this is your threshold.

Reported benefits of using Yohimbe include reduced depression, increased sexual desire, increased energy, more ejaculations, and an improved ability to achieve and maintain an erection!

In fact, the increase in erection is very strong, and unlike its pharmaceutical counterpart Viagra, it also increases sexual sensation and desire.

Another example of nature's ability to make synthetic drugs and medicines!