For people over 40, a way to cure erectile dysfunction and impotence

This article won't tell you why you suffer from erectile dysfunction. You won't read facts and figures here, or get advice on what to eat or not to drink before sexual activity. This is a simple guide to improve your mental / emotional state in terms of sexual performance.

The word performance is charged with itself and increases the pressure on the sexual act. Hence the term "performance fear". I use the word on purpose because it occupies a central place in what I need to teach. All great coaches agree that practicing in terms of performance is perfect no matter what you want to highlight. Perhaps you can take advantage of an erection by walking "alone" and find that you feel disconnected when faced with reality.

Let's just say that the human mind is complex and triggers all kinds of messages that have been stored in connection with the sexual act. Here you can do real work on yourself.

I suspect you had healthy sex at some point in your life. This can be in your youth or in your early twenties. It didn't really matter when it was. What matters is that you have a memory of it. Accept that memory is not a perfect memory system (we all distort our experiences in a short time to satisfy our needs)

The first part of this trip is to get a rough picture of when you were overpowering. If you have this time in mind: start with the more detailed coating. When I say detail, I mean everything you think you have experienced. The sounds you heard, the things you saw, the smells and sensations in and around you.

Once you've created a multi-dimensional reel of film from that time (which can take as long or as short as you like), take time each day to relax, close your eyes, and relive the experience of your imagination. Pay attention to the details. First, provide the place where it happened with everything you remember, and add everything you need to make it more sensual. Imagine yourself looking at yourself on a big screen. See all colors and details as vividly as possible. We see ourselves and your partner at that time with passion. See for yourself what you looked like back then. Imagine every detail.

Imagine sitting in a cinema and seeing and hearing this memory in HD surround sound. Imagine what it was like, feel the juice flowing through your kidneys. Make full use of the visualization. When you are satisfied that the picture is fully effective, it is time to imagine how you walk in and through the film and connect with your old self. Merge with yourself and see through your eyes what you saw in the depths of passion. See and feel and feel and feel everything you've been through. Imagine closing your eyes for a moment and then opening them again to see how your partner is replaced by your current partner, making full use of the power of the moment.This part is crucial to anchor your new experience. When you fully enjoy the heights of sensual bliss, joy and passion, you generate a small physical signal (just touching your thumb and forefinger at the same time). It is important to do this every time you practice visualization. This little signal acts like a "shortcut icon" on your desktop. Link your memory to the lightning-fast experience. In the future, all you have to do is "trigger" this physical signal before sexual activity, and everything will be aligned. Hold the final phase of the film strong for a few moments before slowly returning to the present. Separate yourself from the visualization exercise by opening your eyes and entering the details of your room and naming each object. Another great way to unsubscribe is to give your phone number backwards, try doing this exercise daily for at least a month. If possible, sit in the same chair or lie on your bed. The more you repeat it, the better. You can get excited when you practice it. This is normal and a good sign that you have fully entered the experience. If you don't wake up, don't worry, we all live life from a different perspective. That makes us unique.

Through this exercise, you actively connect the nerve pathways that connect you to your powerful self again.

To your success

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How To Check Your Problems With Erectile Dysfunction - The Tampon Test

Many men suffer from impotence and erectile dysfunction. It is when a man is unable to maintain an erection long enough to have sex. It is estimated that 18 million men in the United States have this difficulty. There may be physical or psychological problems. Here's a simple test to distinguish the two.

During the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phase, men usually have three to five erections per night. These erections usually last for 20 to 30 minutes.

One way to test whether your erectile dysfunction is due to physical or psychological factors is to check whether you are able to get these nocturnal erections. If you have it, it is likely that your erectile dysfunction is psychological in nature. If you don't have one, your dysfunction is likely due to physical problems.

The easy and safe way to determine whether you have night-time erections is the Night Penile Tumescence Test (NPT) or the so-called Patch Test.

Before you go to sleep, get a stamp strip that you have to lick to attach (no self-adhesive stamps). You will need approximately three to create a strip with none of the punches broken at the perforations. You have to be continuous. While your penis is soft, wrap it comfortably around your penis shaft. The last stamp should overlap half of the first stamp. Lick the last tampon and apply it to the first tampon. Let it dry completely. You should now have a ring with tampons on your penis. Put on your underwear when the pads are dry.

Go to bed. When you wake up in the morning, check that the cushions on the perforations are broken. If you find that the stamp ring is broken, nocturnal erections can occur and your erectile dysfunction is likely due to physical factors. If the ring is not broken, you are unlikely to have erections at night and your erectile dysfunction is likely due to physical factors.

The test must be carried out for at least three nights. Under normal circumstances, the ring should be broken at least once every three nights. It would mean that you have erections at night, which is normal.

It's an easy way to get to the heart of your erectile dysfunction problems.