How to solve your erectile dysfunction without medication

So let's say you get erections a lot in the morning, but often have problems getting or maintaining an erection during sex.

There is nothing to worry about - your penis is physiologically THIN. And the two approaches we take with this article will help you solve your problems and do your best shortly.

First, let's look at how you can reuse your arousal by increasing sensitivity so that you can stay hard longer.

Then we will see how you can correct your thinking habits, which often contribute enormously to erectile problems.

Part 1: Develop more sensitivity

For many men, the way they masturbate can cause erection problems.

The typical rough and aggressive masturbation blow combines your penis with hard stimulation, which means that the gentle touch is not enough to maintain your erection.

Step 1: change your masturbation habits

So if you want to change the way your penis responds to stimulation, you should get used to touching yourself more gently.

It's really that simple. Change the way you touch.

Touch gently, let the excitement build up slowly instead of just shaking it quickly and violently.

As you get used to softer stimulation, your penis is more likely to remain fully upright during the ever softer sensations it encounters in a vagina.

Step 2: stop watching pornography

Entire articles could be written about it! The more you watch porn, the less sensitized you will be to the natural stimulation you get when you see your wife. Think of the heat it would be like if you hadn't seen EVERY naked woman for a long time and then seen your naked lover. I guess if this happened you would have no problem spontaneously getting a VERY HARD erection!

So cut that out of your routine and go through this "time alone" training to become a better lover. You will be surprised at how quickly this ONLY step can rewire your sensitivity and make erection problems a thing of the past.

Part 2: Change Your Mind to Eliminate Erection Problems

Most likely, your erection problems are largely due to shared negative thinking patterns.

If you start to worry about something and deal with it, you probably think it will happen again!

So let's look at two ways to change your restrictive beliefs and improve your sexual performance as soon as possible.

Option A: Change your mindset with hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a "miracle cure" that can solve problems with sexual anxiety and emotional sexual difficulties in a single session.

Do an exam with a hypnotherapist near you who gives good reviews.

To be honest, telling the therapist about your problem may take a bit of courage, but don't worry: you could be on the way to the sexual performance of your dreams in just over an hour.

Also try to make a recording of the session so you can keep repeating the hypnosis to consolidate your new belief in your brain and reprogram your mind for good sex. Option B: Change your mindsetHere's an easy way to reprogram your thinking and get rid of erection problems:

Imagine a phenomenal performance, STILL AND STILL.

It is so easy. If you think negatively, you will always return to these images, sounds and sensations of your ideal self-performance.

Sum up

We talked about three ways to get rid of your sexual performance problems:

1. Train your arousal with a gentle stimulation training2. Consult a hypnotherapist to quickly improve your sexual skills

3. Reprogram your mindset by imagining how to perform AMAZING sexual acts.

Follow these strategies and dramatically improve your sexual performance!