How to use impotence medication correctly

Cialis Tadalafil is currently the most commonly prescribed pill for treating oral impotence. The drug helps helpless men achieve and maintain firm erections long enough to have successful intercourse.

If you have also developed signs of helplessness and feel that your relationship with your partner is directly affected; Please visit the doctor. Your doctor will first determine the cause of your impotence and prescribe Cialis Tadalfil if necessary.

Diagnosis for ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly known as male impotence, is defined as the constant inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse. Although ED is one of the least discussed conditions due to the taboos associated with the topic, it is an extremely common problem, especially among older men. If you feel you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you should consult a doctor who will do the following tests to ensure a correct diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

Physical Exam - A physical exam can indicate systemic problems, such as: B. nervous system problems, hormonal problems or if the patient has Peyronie's disease.

Laboratory tests - Biochemical tests such as blood count, urine analysis, lipid levels, liver enzymes and free testosterone levels in the blood can provide information about disorders in the endocrine system and are very helpful and useful for men with a low sexual desire.

Nocturnal Penistumescence Test - Monitoring for erections that occur during sleep (nightly penistumescence) can help rule out certain psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

Psychosocial examination - Certain psychological conditions such as performance anxiety, tense relationship, lack of sexual arousal, and mental health problems, including depression, can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Cialis treatment for ED

If the doctor diagnoses you with erectile dysfunction, it is very likely that he may prescribe Cialis treatment depending on your health. Cialis Tadalafil is a prescription only erectile dysfunction drug from Lilly ICOS, LLC. Tadalafil Cialis was approved by the FDA in 2003 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and is currently the most popular pill for the treatment of oral impotence. Tadalafil Cialis should be taken approximately 30 to 60 minutes before your planned sexual activity. Tadalafil Cialis remains in the blood for 36 hours after ingestion. During this time, Cialis helps you achieve and maintain a firm erection in response to sexual stimulation.

Tests for Cialis Tadalafil

Various clinical studies and tests have been performed to determine the safety and effectiveness of Cialis Tadalafil. Thousands of people around the world have participated in clinical trials, and over the past five years, millions of people have been using Tadalafil Cialis to have successful sex.

In one of the Cialis Tadalafil tests, more than 4,000 impotent men participated in randomized, placebo-controlled studies. The effectiveness of Cialis was assessed using a sexual function questionnaire. In all of these studies, Tadalafil Cialis has improved the patient's ability to achieve and maintain an erection becomes.Intended use of Cialis Tadalafil

For best results with Cialis Tadalafil, always use Tadalafil Cialis after consulting a doctor and sharing your medical history and the medications you are taking. The usual recommended starting dose of Tadalafil is 10 mg Cialis, which can be taken 1 hour to 36 hours before the planned sexual activity as needed. Depending on the effect of the medicine and your tolerance, your doctor may increase your dose of Cialis to 20 mg or decrease it to 5 mg. Never reduce or increase the strength of Tadalafil Cialis without consulting your doctor first. Keep Cialis Tadalafil out of the reach of children. Do not store Tadalafil Cialis pills in a damp place or in the refrigerator. Tadalafil Cialis is best kept in its original packaging.

Precautions when using Cialis Tadalafil

Cialis is a prescription medication used to treat impotence. Cialil has certain side effects and is contraindicated with certain medications. Therefore, you should always take Tadalafil Cialis after consulting a doctor. The following important precautions should be observed when using Cialis Tadalafil.

Tell your doctor in detail about your general health and any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication you are taking.

Tell your doctor if you have high or low blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, liver disease, kidney disease, blood cell problems, diabetes, bleeding problems or ulcers, stomach, Peyronie's disease, etc.

Never use Cialis if you are taking nitrates that are usually prescribed for angina pectoris.

Cialis Tadalafil should also be used with caution in men who take alpha blockers.

Tell your doctor if you are allergic to certain medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives, or if you have a known allergy or are sensitive to any of the ingredients in Cialis Tadalafil.

Cialis Tadalafil is not recommended for women or children.

Tadalafil Cialis tablets should be prescribed with caution to men over 65 years of age.

Simple and effective treatment

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