Kamagra rating

It is a drug that is in the form of a tablet and in the form of a jelly. This medication is said to help men with erectile dysfunction. It is a generic form of the Viagra pill. It simply means that it contains many of the same main ingredients and that it is made for the same purpose, but that it is made by another company. It is important to know that Kamagra is a prescription drug and requires a doctor's approval. Doctors generally do not prescribe this product in the U.S. and other countries, but it can be easily ordered online.

It's a common thing, but it's also illegal. Kamagra is exported to many different offshore countries because it is cheaper than its counterpart and also contains the compound Sildenafil Citrate, the main component of Viagra. This ingredient acts as a muscle relaxant for the smooth muscles of the penis, causing them to loosen and more blood to get into the penis. This increase in blood flow goes hand in hand with an erection and is therefore a solution to erectile dysfunction and increased sexual activity.

This product has certain side effects that the consumer should be aware of. These side effects may include mild dehydration, headache, nasal congestion, mild nausea, and a slight tingling in the eyes. If you take it with a full glass of water, these side effects can be avoided if you eat too large or too fatty meals and do not mix alcohol.

5 tips to get the most out of ED pills

As its popularity increases every day, misunderstandings also increase. Here are 5 tips to maximize the benefits of Viagra.

Tip 1: Take the tablet at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. This gives you enough time to focus on foreplay or other ways to get excited and ready for sex.

Tip 2: The blue pill works best on an empty stomach or with a low-fat meal. Fats can inhibit the absorption of the drug into the system. Even if you can't avoid a high-fat meal, you should take it 2 hours before taking the medication.

Tip 3: Don't panic if you fail on the first or second try. Viagra works instantly in most men with erectile dysfunction. If not, you may need to relax a bit mentally. It can be helpful to stay away from sex for a while. If that doesn't help either, talk to your doctor. A small dose adjustment can solve your problem.

Tip 4: Don't hurry, it's the end of the world. Take your time and create the mood for yourself and your partner. You have 4 hours to enjoy sex. So start lighting the fire slowly and rest assured that you will get your partner caught in the heat of the moment very soon.

Tip 5: Sometimes it is helpful to ignore the fact that you are taking Viagra as your emotional involvement may not be optimal if you are embarrassed by the drug.