Overweight health problems

Obesity is one of the growing health problems in the Singapore. According to statistics, the number of overweight or obese people in the country has increased steadily in the past decades and chances are that they will continue to increase in the coming years. Although excess fat in the body appears unattractive and can have a psychological impact on the person concerned, it can also lead to health problems such as diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, heart problems and certain types of cancer. , You can avoid these risk factors by eating a healthy diet and exercising daily. Taking diet pills like Orlistat Xenical can also be a good choice if your doctor thinks it is right. Familiarize yourself with the most common risk factors for obesity before considering treatment for obesity.

Diabetes mellitus - Statistics show that overweight men suffer from diabetes mellitus twice as often as men of normal weight. Obese women are four times more at risk than women of normal weight. With diabetes mellitus, your body's cells cannot use insulin to convert sugar into energy. This is how effective the sugar stays in the bloodstream, which leads to weight gain. Some experts have pointed out that a protein called Resistin (which is secreted from adipose tissue) can also be involved in diabetes and obesity.

Osteoarthritis - Too much body fat can put extra pressure on your bones and joints, which in turn can cause osteoarthritis. If you have ever received joint replacement therapy, the complications can last longer and lead to further problems. Obesity and overweight mainly affect the knee joints. Clinical studies have shown that the incidence of osteoarthritis is four to five times higher in overweight or obese people than in normal weight people.

Heart problems - you may not be able to prevent heart problems if you are genetically predisposed, but you can safely avoid a stroke if you take care of your body weight. Cardiovascular problems are among the biggest and deadliest risk factors for obesity. Each obesity treatment regimen takes into account the patient's medical history regarding heart problems. The main link between the two conditions is what you eat regularly. Stopping your favorite fast food on the way home every two days is not a good sign of a fat intake. If you eat more fat than your body can burn, the excess is likely to be stored in the fat tissue. Xenical is particularly effective in treating excess body fat. However, you need to consume a moderate amount of fatty foods for Orlistat to work best for you.

Cancer - Last but not least, obesity can increase the risk of certain cancers, including the breast, kidneys, esophagus, and colon. Some studies have also found that overweight people are at higher risk of developing gallbladder, pancreas, and ovarian cancer than their normal-weight counterparts.

If you decide to reduce your body weight, it is best to speak to a doctor and discuss a long-term weight loss plan. Avoid taking random diet pills as this may not produce the desired results.

Slimming pills: the next best thing or not

Are diet pills the next best thing or just another way to get rid of your money? Here are some facts that could make you think about losing weight again

Diet pills cannot change your eating habits or help you differentiate between low-fat and low-fat foods. So you can't solve your problem at all.

Some pills help release more energy, but what if you sit on a chair or sofa most of the day? What if you don't burn that excess energy?

People who take diet pills blindly and think that the pills will do all the hard work for them do not heal their habits and habits. After taking weight loss pills, people focus more on the amount of weight they lose each week than on the things that put them in the first place. So instead of correcting their mistakes, they're still making a mistake. It harms their long-term health.

Some people think they are in the safe zone because their pill (Orlistat helps block fat) attacks the fat for them. These people tend to consume more fat and this worsens their condition.

Even diet pills become ineffective after a while because your body becomes resistant to their effects. So what's the next best thing after that?

Dr. Justine Setchell, a general practitioner at Westover Clinic in London, rightly says: "There is no magic formula for losing weight. The basic saying is to eat less, move more." People seem to have forgotten the basics of weight loss in order to new ones and try out improved medication.

When people buy drugs like Xenical online, they think they are trying very hard to lose weight. What they don't notice is that they take a shortcut; and when it comes to health, there are no shortcuts. Just as weight gain occurs over a long period of time, weight loss takes time and effort.