Sexual dysfunction in men and women

By sexual dysfunction we mean the problems that a couple individually has with either excitement, desire or orgasm. Sexual problems can be male and female and in some cases they are very serious. Male sexual problems are often associated with erection or premature ejaculation, while female problems have a different character.

Sexual dysfunction in men and women can be caused by several factors, but they can usually be divided into two groups - psychologically and physically.

The first group includes all types of emotions, relationships, stress, anxiety, lack of communication and more. In general, men and women experience sexual problems when they experience:

  • depression
  • stress
  • worry
  • fear
  • anger.

When it comes to physical factors, these are mainly ailments and conditions that can cause sexual problems as an adverse effect. Drugs, alcohol and drugs, as well as pregnancy and hormonal imbalance can affect sexual function. The most common resulting diseases include sexual disorders such as diabetes, neuropathy, tumors and multiple sclerosis. also spinal cord injury or nerve damage.

Depending on the type of sexual problem, the following individual symptoms can be distinguished:

  • lack of sexual desire
  • lack of interest in sex or partner
  • dissatisfaction
  • inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • inability to relax the vaginal muscles
  • dryness of the vagina - - inability to have a normal sex life.

These are all symptoms of sexual dysfunction, and if you recognize them, there may be something in your sex life that needs special attention.

Sexual dysfunction is treated and therapy is selected based on the condition and the factor that caused it. There are many known and available methods and treatments today, most of which are effective when used correctly.

Treatment for men and women is generally not the same, but one thing is important - learn the reasons. Options for treating impotence in men are currently widespread on the market, but it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor before use. If lifestyle changes do not help, another treatment may be suggested. In the event of a physical problem, surgery may even be required. In other cases, the medication is sufficient.

Overall, sexual dysfunction is treated in both men and women. If you feel the need to solve your problem, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. You will see how much better your sex life will be.

Female libido enhancer for a fulfilling sexual experience

Did you know that there is at least one woman in the world every minute who loses the desire to have sex with her partners? Some of them might say that they no longer think it is possible to be intimate because they are tired of working or have many problems dealing with it at work and at home. Some of them complain that they are no longer enthusiastic about the idea of being intimate with their partners, and they don't know that this is because they have a hormonal imbalance, usually due to maturity or death it causes stress. Sometimes low libido in women can also be caused by certain medications that women take.

There are others who cannot admit that they have the problem of not only losing their sexual desire but also their confidence. These women feel bad because, despite all efforts, they no longer feel desired by their partner. Unfortunately, most of these women experience an emotional roller coaster ride just because they don't realize that they are losing one of the things they associate with their partners - their libido. The low libido problem in women is more serious than how people perceive it. In reality, this problem means that women not only benefit from any sexual experience, but also endanger their relationships with their partners.

For women who want to rediscover this sensual sensation, there are already several female libido enhancers on the market. In the past, only men had access to such products, but today many women are encouraged to try out the natural libido enhancers made available to them. These products are specifically designed to help women enjoy their sexual experience again. In addition, these products help women feel sensual again during sexual activity by giving them more confidence to fulfill their desires.

Perhaps what is considered one of the best-known of these libido products for women is female Viagra. This pill is specifically designed to naturally promote blood circulation in the genitals of women, giving them a soft, soothing feeling during intercourse. The vagina could be lubricated as was the case when these women were much younger and not stressed.

If you think female Viagra is right for you, it's better to learn more about other products, as this is just one of the many promising female libido boosters.