Surgical penis enlargement

There are many ways to enlarge your penis, but one of the most painful is phalloplasty or surgical penis enlargement. This surgery can be successful, but is also quite expensive and the recovery time can be longer than what most people like.

Surgical penis enlargement releases certain ligaments that hold the penis to the pubic bone. One of them, the suspensory band, makes the penis arcuate. When you release it, the penis actually straightens when it is erect. This makes it appear longer (but need not be longer). Cutting another band lengthens part of the penis that is normally held in the body, which can result in a 2.5 cm lengthening.

There are certain dangers with this penis enhancement method. The main problem concerns the healing of the suspensory ligament. The penis should be stretched regularly to prevent it from healing shorter than before the operation.

There is another type of surgical penis enlargement that is very rare. Penis enlargement carries a very high risk of impotence. For this reason, it is usually only used in people with erectile dysfunction. This surgery involves adding the penis using ligamentolysis, liposuction and redistribution of the skin. The doctors strongly advise every man not to undergo such an operation.

An interesting fact about surgery is that it rarely seems to lead to happiness. Up to 70 percent of all men who underwent the operation were reportedly dissatisfied with the results. The fact that the extra length is quite small at such a high cost can make this penis enlargement method more difficult than it is worth.

The relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction

The importance of healthy sex life is well known today, but many sexual disorders can cause problems for many couples. However, the good news is that if the right treatment is done at the right time, even the most serious sexual disorders can be treated.

First, let's see where erectile problems come from. Erectile dysfunction is an inability to maintain an erection and is the most common male sexual disorder in the United States. The problem, however, is that many of these cases of erectile dysfunction are not reported, even if more than thirty million men are diagnosed each year. Nowadays, erectile dysfunction is treated as a lifestyle disorder and not as a metabolic problem as it used to be. In addition, studies show how important lifestyle choices are for improving your overall health.

Because an erection is related to blood flow, it is known to affect every erection problem. This is the reason why when something interferes with the process, when blood flows into the penis, malfunctions occur and smoking sometimes has something to do with it. It is known that smoking not only affects the respiratory tract, but also damages the blood flow to the body. Since cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, hemoglobin binds to them in the blood and the oxygen transport capacity and the number of red blood cells are reduced. Together, all of these factors can cause cardiovascular problems, atherosclerosis, and a decrease in blood flow to the penis. In this way, smoking can also be responsible for low sperm count, sperm mortality and lack of libido.

If your erectile dysfunction is related to smoking, you should know that it can not only be treated with chemical drugs like Viagra. Before trying to treat your problem with erectile dysfunction pills, you should know that the only cure is to quit smoking, especially if you have diabetes or heart disease. You can find help with internet programs or drug centers to help you quit smoking. Above all, you should always remember that smoking cessation not only improves your sexual problems, but also has benefits for your overall health.