Thyroid tests don't work

Did you know that the vast majority of medicine has no science behind it? Most of what doctors do is based on opinions. Or tradition. Or political correctness. Or something other than science.

And medicine is often bad.

For example the TSH test. Doctors have decided that if your pituitary keeps telling the thyroid to work harder to produce thyroid hormones, it must mean that the thyroid is not following. Does it really work that way? Maybe, but we have no science to confirm it.

Thyroid blood tests were carried out in the 1960s. At that time, 20% of the population suffered from underactive thyroid. Medical trash cans, however, have set TSH limits that allow 5% of trash cans tested to meet the requirements of hypothyroidism. What was it about? Certainly not a science.

Then there is the problem of what constitutes a normal TSH value. The TSH test lines have always been a moving target and constantly changing in vain attempts to adapt the facts to the test. Now they find that it doesn't work. But they still use it! And how many people crawl through life because of this hellish trial?

Why do you keep using it? A blood test gives the appearance of science and is certainly easier than listening to a patient's symptoms and figuring out how to get rid of them. It takes far too long for today's medicine.

Then there is the problem of how much medication to give. Since the advent of thyroid blood tests, the average dose of thyroid medication administered to patients with hypothyroidism has been half that prescribed by doctors to treat symptoms. Even if we are treated, we are still in a ditch.

And as for thyroid treatment, Synthroid - the drug of choice and the evil twin of blood tests, also came out in the 1960s. (Anyway, it was a bad decade.)

First problem: Synthroid means synthetic thyroid and doesn't look like reality.

This brings us to the second problem: The natural thyroid contains the five parts of the thyroid hormone: T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin to protect our bones. Synthroid is not only synthetic, it only contains T4.

The theory (again, there is no science) says that T4, the slow-acting storage part of the thyroid hormone, is converted to T3, the active form - what we need - how we need it.

Not so fast, Chester. The conversion depends on many things. First, most people can't do the job because their bodies don't know the trick. In addition, low cholesterol levels, which are appreciated by doctors, prevent the conversion. Not to mention the fact that 95% of us do not have the minerals required for T4 / T3 conversion. In short, we cannot rely on a conversion.

Without the conversion, of course, we don't get an active thyroid hormone and we feel that death is heating up. But the doctor reads the blood tests and assures us that everything is OK.

How is that possible? Although Synthroid and its ugly generic cousins don't improve your health, they make blood tests (T3, T4, etc.) fabulous! You can be out of breath in a pile on the floor, but you're fine; Tests say it.

You can only watch in amazement as your doctor waves the "evidence" for the test result and announces the victory.

Third problem: Many people are allergic to Synthroid and all of its generic counterparts.

Fourth problem: Blood tests do not work for the majority of people with thyroid problems, half of the world population. All in all, they are "well" if they hang out in life.

Put all these problems together and they are a disaster.

It doesn't matter that untreated / undertreated hypothyroidism messes up the entire endocrine system - the wheel in the middle of the wheel in the way our body works. It also doesn't matter that it causes heart disease as the main cause and all that. Among other things, disasters.

In fact, no matter what, the unscientific and unreliable test spoke.

Doctors celebrate "evidence-based medicine". Well, the evidence is there and all thyroid blood tests get a misjudgment.

So find a doctor who treats patients, not tests.

How big Phama controls medicine

The big pharmaceutical companies - Big Pharma - control medicine in the United States. And they stand between us and good medical care.

Let's be honest. Big Pharma is about money. First, finally and always, it's a question of money. They adorn it with discussions about the limits of science, overcoming diseases, improving life, etc., but it's not one of those things. It is a question of money.

Pharmaceutical companies collect large sums of money. And they bought the certainty that a large stream of dollars would continue to flow through the pipeline.

First, with the help of politicians, Big Pharma has completely corrupted the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA prefers to serve pharmaceutical companies rather than fulfilling their duty to protect the public. And too many meetings take place outside of the public.

Second, Big Pharma controls medical schools with foundations, plush jobs for accompanying administrators, etc. Medical schools teach what their large employees want to teach.

For example, medical schools teach that thyroid armor, the natural, dry thyroid medication that has been tried and tested for over 150 years, is unreliable and any doctor who prescribes it is obviously out of touch with science. This nonsense turns the truth upside down, but it is taught as the gospel.

And medical teachers continue to praise Synthroid as the thyroid medication of choice. Now that the facts are that Synthroid is unreliable, has no science to back it up, and no record of success. But it certainly brings in a lot of money.

Medical students, bless their hearts and think they are being taught the truth. And serious intervention is required to remove this disinformation.

A doctor, Dr. David Brownstein did everything the medical school had taught him by treating his dying father. And his father got worse. In desperation, Dr. Brownstein went beyond what he was taught and found solutions to alternative treatments. Her father lived many happier years. However, most doctors are not so motivated and therefore continue to be true believers.

And the medical schools don't end their efforts. Maintaining a medical license requires continuous training, so Big Pharma offers luxurious and exotic locations. Taught by respected names in the medical field - paid, of course, by sponsors of pharmaceutical companies - who repeat the teaching from the medical school. When creating receptive doctors for free. No sticky conference rooms for the university, thank you very much.

And the rhythm continues! Armies of salespeople come to doctors' offices every day. They use their constant presence to consolidate the mantra of the medical school: "Big Pharma is your friend."

They naturally deliver lunch to the doctor free of charge. Leave pens, pens, writing pads, laptops, office software, drug samples and so on. Everything to keep the sauce train going.

Everything comes down here. A doctor dealing with big pharma cannot work with you at the same time. Watch for signs of influence. Some are obvious. A video surveillance device in a doctor's office almost shouts that your well-being is not the top priority.

Nowadays, Big Pharma is under pressure to stack government medical commissions with their regulators so that doctors have no choice but to offer Big Pharma. At least if you want to keep your medical license, you don't.

Another works with the World Health Organization to make the purchase of natural remedies such as vitamins, minerals, etc. illegal worldwide. Given the rapid growth of alternative medicine before fleeing traditional medical care, pharmaceutical companies want WHO to remove the threat.

We are at war. Not our choice, of course, but still a war.

Don't lose by default. We need healthy tea. Online activity. Letters to politicians. Participation in the various community organizations. In short, since it seems to be the only way to bring about change these days, we have to make noise. And choose your doctors carefully.

The life you save can be yours.