Treating erectile dysfunction

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An erection helps you penetrate the female organ and gives you the greatest reach when ejaculation occurs and sperm is injected into the female system. There are several ways to find satisfying sex if you have a problem with your penis erection in your sex life. In the case of erectile dysfunction, first try to understand the root cause of the problem. Your erectile dysfunction can manifest itself in several ways. Symptoms can range from lack of arousal to insignificant ejaculation. You could have problems such as crippled erectile premature ejaculation, low sperm count, inability to penetrate, erectile pain, etc.

Try to find out if this is due to a physical or psychological problem. Keep in mind if you are excited to see or read adult content, or if you have positive reactions to the touch and feeling of your erection. Try to notice if you are cold in bed with your partner while you are attracted to other people. Try to notice how often you feel aroused at night. Make sure you leave all of your work-related stress at your desk and enjoy the comfort and love of your family at home.

If the problem is related to your medical or physical condition, consult a doctor before taking any medication or supplement. Most people who suffer from diseases like diabetes also suffer from effects such as a loss of arousal and strength in their erection. A lack of testosterone release is also a reason for lack of excitement and failure of the sexual act. The increase in testosterone in your blood causes your body to regulate blood flow in the erectile blood vessels so that they swell to their maximum length and firm up in preparation for sex. Lower testosterone does not allow the urge to tighten the penis.

If the problem is related to mental health problems, try to determine the reasons for the particular circumstances and situations in which you may face this lack of performance. The reasons can be anything from your partner to your lifestyle, your level of psychological stress and anxiety, the environment you live in, etc. Eliminate all unnecessary thoughts and fears when going to bed with your partner. Your partner has to help you in a very uniform way to guide you through this deficient phase of your life. You can also choose to consult a psychologist with your partner to better understand and assess the situation and the means to solve the problem.

Regardless of the reason, however, not everything is lost if the therapies or medications do not achieve the desired result in the treatment of your illness. There are many mechanical devices that can help you to a certain extent in developing yourself and your partner's sex life. Surgical implants are also available to deal with such a situation, but are expensive options and do not always provide the desired result.

How to satisfy her in bed without penis pills

Forget about buying something. Women are less interested in the size of your penis than in your overall performance. Here's how to increase your sexual form so that he always wants more!

Do pelvic floor exercises. This exercise strengthens the muscles that support your penis. When you've done enough, your erection will become thicker as more blood flows into your penis through this type of exercise. Which muscles will you strengthen exactly? If you urinate suddenly, the muscles that stop this flow of urine are the muscles that you will be training.

Pelvic floor training not only benefits your partner, but also helps you. Your orgasms become more intense and you can even increase the amount of ejaculate you produce. In fact, this exercise works so well that a study found that this sexual performance enhancement exercise works better than Viagra.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, this exercise can not only save you money, but can also achieve results that are higher than the results achieved with an erectile dysfunction pill.

Your wife is not aroused by your size. If you are in good shape, not only will your body look good, but the layer of fat that has covered your penis in the past will disappear. It is also a good idea to trim any pubic hair you have, as your bush can affect the size of your penis.