Treatment of erectile dysfunction

History and development

Is Tadalafil the recent big medical breakthrough in erectile dysfunction treatment or is there room for further improvement? This article describes the history of impotence treatment and the use of statins as an effective solution to erection problems.

Beyond Cialis - New Insights into Treating Impotence in Men Impotence has been reported in countless historical reports, many cases of impotence have been reported, and although many superstitious beliefs have been linked to it, Muslim doctors have proposed a number of therapies under this condition to potentially cure erection problems. They even prescribed a number of oral medications, including aphrodisiacs, to treat erectile problems.

Times are changing - Cialis and beyond Times have changed since the first suggestions for erectile dysfunction treatment as it became much more advanced and reliable when this disorder was less understood. The discovery of tadalafil as a potentially effective inhibitor of type 5 phosphodiesterase was an important event in the modern history of erectile dysfunction treatment. Despite the fact that Viagra was the first oral medication to treat male impotence, Cialis has brought a number of important benefits that Viagra cannot offer. The dosage of Cialis is unique and tailored to almost all types of erection problems - whether mild, moderate or severe.

The advantage of tadalafil is that it is better accepted by men who are looking for a long-term solution to impotence. A number of clinical studies have shown that a majority of men who take Viagra and Cialis over a period of time choose Cialis as their long-term preference. In addition, tadalafil has a much better reputation than any other erectile dysfunction or surgical drug when it comes to ensuring the success of your first intercourse. But 8 years after the introduction of the last prescription ED pill, many people wonder about the future of impotence treatment. Let's try to find answers to these questions.

Healing Other Problems That Are Risk Factors For EDG Because so much research has focused on erectile dysfunction and how to cure it, scientists have been able to identify a number of risk factors for erectile dysfunction. It is now widely accepted that eliminating these risk factors can significantly help treat erectile dysfunction. For example, enlargement of the prostate can lead to urinary problems that, if left untreated, can lead to erectile dysfunction. In addition, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are among the three main risk factors for male impotence. An estimated 35 to 75% of diabetics experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. High blood pressure and high cholesterol can constrict blood vessels in the circulatory system and therefore impair proper blood flow to the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction.The latest developments in erectile dysfunction treatment aim to treat some of these general risk factors to prevent erectile dysfunction To prevent dysfunction at all. Recently, a remarkable discovery has been made that suggests that statins can be taken to remove many common risk factors for erectile dysfunction, including prostate enlargement, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Blood. Reducing these risk factors can actually help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. When taken with heart problems or to lower cholesterol, the side effects of statin can actually help overcome erectile dysfunction. The future of erectile dysfunction treatment seems promising by promise and opportunity. In the meantime, if you want to continue using Cialis for now, you can use the internet well and buy Cialis Black online conveniently and privately from home. So the next time you need to buy Cialis, visit a registered online clinic and, after a medical consultation, order a new pack of Tadalafil tablets.

Overview of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Commonly Used Emergency Treatment Today?

Every man suffering from erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is looking for the best treatment for impotence. There are tons of medications that are now on the market. However, finding the best is a big challenge. All impotence drug developers claim that they are the best and have little or no side effects. However, it is still unclear whether all of their claims are true unless they are actually brought to trial. To help all men, here is an overview of one of the most commonly used impotence treatments.

Cialis is the brand name of tadalafil discovered by Glaxo Wellcome, popularly known today as GSK or GlaxoSmithKline. It was launched on November 21, 2003. It is an oral medication used to treat impotence. Compared to Viagra, Cialis can take effect after 30 minutes and lasts 48 hours, while Viagra usually only lasts 4 hours.

Dosage and storage

Cialis can be taken 30 minutes to 12 hours before sexual activity. This should only be done once a day or as directed by a doctor. If the user has forgotten to take Cialis and intends to have sexual intercourse, it is advisable to take it as soon as possible. It should also be stored away from light, heat and moisture. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Possible side effects

According to a number of users, the most common side effects were runny or stuffy nose, back pain, headache, muscle pain, indigestion and hot flashes. Although they have also reported that these side effects usually stop after a few hours. However, there were also times when muscle and back pain did not go away after 48 hours. In this case, be sure to contact your doctor.

Cialis cost

Unlike other pills for impotence treatment, Cialis is only available in 20 mg. The price of Cialis depends on where you buy the pill. The usual cost for this drug is $ 4.38 / tablet. Learning the side effects of each brand helps a person choose the right drug to cure a person with erectile dysfunction.