Treatment of Persistent BV

Home Remedies for Chronic Bacterial Vaginosis

The common bacterial infection in women called bacterial vaginosis is predominant in sexually active women, but it can also infect those who do not have sex. There are several possible causes of bacterial vaginosis, all of which lead to an imbalance in the natural flora in the vagina.

The symptoms are uncomfortable, such as the appearance of a vaginal discharge that gives off an unpleasant smell. Although treatable, there are several cases of recurrent BV after 3 months of treatment. This is either due to a new infection or the resumption of activity from an old infection. In any case, here are some suggested treatments for persistent bacterial vaginosis:

  • It will be advisable to consult your doctor first and work out the specific cause of your BV together, as there are several options, such as hormonal imbalance, the use of certain feminine hygiene products, the fact that you have multiple sexual partners and Menstruation. By identifying the cause, you are better equipped to give your BV the appropriate treatment.
  • If you are not allowed to take medication, a change in diet can be helpful in treating persistent BV. Avoid sugary foods and drink coffee, alcohol, and sodas. These types of foods increase the risk of recurrent BV.
  • Pay particular attention to your hygiene in private areas. Wash your vaginal area daily with clean water and soap or an odorless female cleaning product. This prevents a new infection by keeping your vagina clean. For some, using a vaginal cream or gel can help maintain the natural pH of the vagina, preventing an infection from coming back.
  • Viral and bacterial bronchitis - the differences

    Environmental factors can make you as sick as viruses and bacteria. If you get sick, the quality of life is impaired. Relationships with family and friends can suffer. A healthy lifestyle can help you prevent disease. Take a regular routine of hygiene, vaccination, exercise and nutrition, and this will help you stay as healthy as possible. Research this and formulate your plan for good health. If you have signs of possible bronchitis, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

    Inflammation of the bronchi can be caused by viral or bacterial infections or allergens. There are differences between viral and bacterial infections. A specialist can advise you if you suffer from either of these two diseases. The most common cause of bronchitis is a viral infection. Your symptoms may include wheezing, burning, difficulty breathing, headache, and other symptoms. This type of bronchitis is not that serious and goes away without medication. Home remedies can be enough. Bronchitis caused by the virus can lead to mild fever and cough with little or no mucous membrane.

    Bacterial bronchitis can become serious if you also have asthma, cystic fibrosis, or COPD. You may have a high fever and discolored mucous membranes. After visiting your doctor, you will know what type you are and how you should treat him. You may need a chest X-ray if your symptoms are severe enough. Treatment is different for the two forms of bronchitis. If you have the virus type, you can drink more fluids. Rest and take paracetamol for muscle pain. Over-the-counter medications can also help. A hot shower opens your airways and helps you spit out mucus.

    An antibiotic can be prescribed by your doctor if you have bacterial bronchitis. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea can occur. Some bacteria are resistant to medication. The FDA recently approved a new drug, gemiflaoxacin mesylate, which is a new drug and could help thwart this bacterium. Viral bronchitis is not affected by antibiotics. Never use a prescribed medication without first consulting a doctor. Make the expectoration of the mucous membranes as easy as possible by resting a lot. Get vaccinated and practice good hygiene. This protects you from infections. Avoid cigarettes, smoke, vapors and other triggers. Your lungs will be able to filter out the normal amounts of these triggers. Be as healthy as possible.