Types of impotence

An informative overview

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is a common sexual problem that affects millions of men around the world. Men who suffer from impotence are constantly faced with the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to complete intercourse. Impotence is treatable and men with this disease can lead normal sex lives. Depending on the cause of impotence, medical experts have defined 6 types of impotence. This helps doctors make a good diagnosis and suggest the best treatment.

Arteriogenic impotence

Arteriogenic impotence occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the penis become narrow. The penis cannot therefore take in enough blood that is necessary for an erection. Arterial impotence is more common in the elderly, especially in those with diabetes or high blood pressure. Cyclists can also report this type of impotence because they often experience friction in the arterial region, causing clots to develop in the artery.

Endocrinological impotence

Endocrinological impotence is also known as hormonal impotence and is based on an imbalance or inadequacy of the sex hormones - testosterone and estrogen - in the bloodstream. It accounts for almost 5 to 10% of all organic impotence.

Impotence from diabetes mellitus

Impotence is very common in diabetics. In fact, about 50% of all diabetics are impotent male patients. Men with diabetic impotence should strive to control their blood sugar by changing their lifestyle and eating habits. In addition, the blood sugar should be checked monthly.

Neurogenic impotence

The nervous supply to the penis is very sensitive and complicated. The erection is maintained or maintained by the impulses that are conducted along the nerves of the penis. Since then, they have controlled the arteries and veins that change the blood flow in the penis. Injury to the back, particularly the spine and spinal cord, or other nerves related to the penis, can cause neurogenic impotence in addition to injury to other nerves in the penis. As a result, rectal prostate, urethra, spine and bladder surgery can be performed to aid in the treatment of impotence.

Psychogenic impotence

Impotence can also occur for psychological reasons. Men who suffer from psychogenic impotence have none of the physical problems that otherwise cause impotence. Depression, stress and relationship problems are some of the factors that can lead to psychogenic impotence.

Venogenic impotence

During the erection, the veins block almost completely to prevent blood from leaking out of the penis. However, in some men, the veins leak blood and because of this, the penis cannot maintain an erection that causes venogenic impotence. This type of impotence is also common and accounts for almost 30 to 70% of all cases of impotence. How does Viagra help with impotence?

Viagra is the first and most effective impotence treatment on the market to be approved by the FDA in 1998. The active ingredient in Viagra, called sildenafil, belongs to the class of PDE5 inhibitors. The effect of this PDE5 inhibitor relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis so that more blood can flow into the penis and cause a firm erection. Viagra also prevents the enzymes responsible for breaking down an erection from working. It helps a man maintain an erection long enough to stop sexual activity. Viagra takes effect in about 60 minutes and its effect lasts up to 4 hours, leaving enough time for sexual activity. Instructions for buying Viagra onlineA medical prescription is essential for the purchase of Viagra. Nowadays, however, you don't necessarily need to see a doctor to get a prescription. You can consult a doctor online through an online clinic. The website offers you the opportunity to consult a specialist via online consultation forms. A doctor will review your medical information and, if deemed appropriate, receive a prescription for Viagra by email, with no fees. You will then receive your Viagra tablets in a safe and discreet packaging at the address you provided.

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